Threadz Alterations

Threadz Alterations

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Here you’ll find a price schedule for alterations. Threadz machinery can handle materials from chiffon to tarps. Threadz’ work ranges from repairs and re-sizing, to embroidery and beading.  Threadz also specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind, and limited edition items for sale made from recycled and remnant fabrics. When you look through our unique designs, you will be able to tell what is made from recycled fabrics, scrap fabric or a combination. Threadz Green Designs exists for the purpose of keeping new textile goods out of the landfill, which grew into finding ways to use fabrics that have lost their usefulness in their existing state. We use alterations cut offs, scrap from a local re-upholstery shop, and local thrift store goods.

The reason for using recycled fabrics is that statistics for the success of recycled textiles are pretty poor. We can all think through our own use of textiles to help the situation, since recycling at the consumer level is the biggest factor in the equation. Some statistics say that 30% of donated clothing gets sold as rags to businesses, so why not consider having a location in your home for clean cloth rags to await use? It’s environmentally responsible to use cloth instead of disposables. Storing rags awaiting to be washed until enough are collected, is as simple as a large bucket in your laundry area. Used t-shirts and flannel are a great texture for cleaning. Corduroy makes great shop towels. Rags can have stitched edges, or you can simply cut squares of varying sizes. leaving the edges raw.

Another reason that Threadz Green Designs exists, is to help women in our own USA have a source of income that can contribute to their households in a significant way. Have you ever noticed the array of countries that appear in your clothing labels? A friend of mine decided to chart the countries of origin in the laundry for the week on a white board. She came up with 70 nations and none of them were our own. Manufacturers take advantage of “cheap labor” options in other nations. Yet some ethical companies want to ensure that the people of those nations are being properly compensated for their work. Using re-claimed fabrics has a two fold purpose, responsible use of existing resources and goods that support American households.

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