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About Me

I am a mom of six sons, so maybe it’s a good thing I know a little about sewing! 🙂 I have been in Pickford since 2003. Rural living has been an unexpected, delightful experience for my family and I, since we moved from the Chicago suburbs. People often ask me if the transition from suburban life to rural life was rough. I even have been asked incredulously why I made such a move. Going from a suburb of roughly 82,000 to a village of 1500 was indeed a change. Life in the fast lane, with drive thru restaurants, pharmacies and library, to slowing down the pace, and living near farms did take a little bit of adjustment to not feel so “alone”. Yet, with wonderful welcoming neighbors, and a peaceful feel, it didn’t take long! Now, I am all about my rural experience!

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Victoria Gulder

I started to enjoy sewing in school when I took a home economics class and made my first item from a bolt of cloth. That was the start of a creative venture that has continued for over 35 years. If you would like to learn more about my sewing journey, check out my blog page,  that starts with the newest posts on top. I love every minute of this journey and enjoy growing my knowledge base in sewing as circumstances facilitate.

My interest in recycling began when our home was given a recycling bin, back in Illinois. We began becoming more conscious of what waste products we were casting off, adjusting from the throw away mentality, to washing our cans and jars and placing them in our new blue bin. This has grown into other activities. We’ve learned to buy foods with less packaging, and bring our purchases down to ingredients instead of proprietary foods, as much as possible. We also have a compost bin on our property. We sort through old clothing and break very tired ones down into rags, removing zippers and buttons for re-use. We think about clothing that has been outgrown and think through people who could use a complete child sized wardrobe and give it freely. We also give clothing to resale shops that price it well, and serve people who truly need very low cost clothing. Now these types of practices are being incorporated into business practices as well. Responsible management of consumables just seems like the right thing to do.