A Word About Price:

Sometimes people think that the cost of alterations should not exceed the new or used value of a garment. If you change that thought to home construction, it is clear that basing the service price off of the goods price is not how it works. With alterations the seamstress is paid for time spent on your project and any specialty supplies, if needed.

Formal Wear

Simple hems, per layer $ 20.00
Side seams/bodice $30-50
Waist Alteration $30-50

Slacks and Trousers – Hems

About men’s hems…. gentlemen, please consider prior to your visit, where you would like your hems to lay. Perhaps Antonio Centeno can help you with your decision. He has great advice about how to plan and why it matters. The short five minute video will help you decide very quickly and painlessly.

Jeans $6.00
Dress pants $6.00
Cuffed pants $8.00
Slits in hem $8.00
Lined $8.00
Seam tape (extra) $1.00

Skirts and dresses – Hems

Minimum $10.00
Extra Wide $17.00

Waist In/Out

Slacks/Skirt $12.00
with Lining $18.00
Replace Elastic $15.00
with Lining $18.00


Pants/skirt $12.00
Invisible, Jeans, Dresses $15.00
Jackets $22.00
Down coat $30.00


Repair waist $6 & up
Repair seam $6-12
Repair hole $3-8
Repair strap $3-5
Blanket binding $25.00
Split skirt/slack $8.00
Crotch/rear $6-8
Resew belt loops $4-6
Straps/ties $6-8