Denim Recycling 1: Girls Jeans Remake to Skirt

denim recycle

Denim Recycling: Jeans to Skirt


After the knees blow on a pair of jeans, there is still lots of life left in them to use for denim recycling. Some of my favorite recycling projects involves the use of  denim pants. I have made so many things with it, and have collected even more ideas than I have used. A friend asked me to do a make over on her daughter’s pants. This girl still fit her pants in the hips when the length was far too short. Her mom liked the pants and so they found a fabric that they liked, and asked for a skirt to be made out of it. I usually have a link to the tutorial I used, but in this case, what to do was obvious to me and I didn’t need one. Here is what I did: I cut off the excess denim at the hip region, below the button up area by a couple of inches. Of the purchased fabric for the project, I cut it to a measurement that would be an appropriate length for the soon to be wearer. I then pressed and sewed in a half inch hem. Then I stitched along the top edge without using a back stitch. I  gathered the top to precisely fit on the bottom of the pant, and attached it.

What Can the Leftovers Become?

Denim Recycling

I also used some of the denim leftovers, and some of the leftover fabric from the new skirt to make a little purse. I also decided to try a little beading, adding sequins in the mix, as well. I have re-beaded garments that were already designed, such as wedding gowns, and bridesmaid gowns, but I didn’t really know how to go about inventing a design. It was made with an eight year old girl in mind, and the design isn’t sophisticated. Even so, I am not sure how I would bead something that were made of a silk or silk like fabric. If there are any out there who have done some beading, I would love for you to post your project photo’s in the comments and how you went through the decision making process. I can look it up, but  then, would I find your projects posted? I know I have spent years perusing the internet and hardly a peep was posted on it from myself! 😉




Recycle T-shirts into Usable Goods I

t-shirt quilt

The Beloved T-Shirt Recycle Quilt

recycle t-shirts


I’d been trying to find a way to recycle t-shirts . If you’ve ever tried to repair at-shirt…. it isn’t very worthwhile. It lasts just a few wearings, disappointingly.   Yet, as many t-shirt wearers know, it can be hard to let go of much loved shirts. Such was the case here. My husband had his favorites and I mistakenly got rid of some, to his disappointment.

My friend Karen had made a t-shirt quilt like this one. Her squares were all the exact same size. Mine… were not.  I improvised though, as the picture will show. I bought batting to go inside and the backing is new flannel. It is absoLUTEly the go to blanket in the house. It is incredibly warm and we all love it.

If I had it to do over, I would put strips in between, made of woven fabric, like my sister-in-law did with her t-shirt quilt that she made for a friend. It seems sturdier to add a non-stretchy fabric between.

I have since finished a crocheted warm blanket that took me….. twenty <wince> years of intermittent work. lol Crochet is not my art, but I started this project at my mom’s initiation. She helped me pick out one that I would like from an old crafter’s magazine called “Annie’s Attic”. We went out shopping and got the materials. I worked on it little by little. She found it amusing when I showed the complete project to her 20 year later! Well, I did have six sons in between there! At least I finished it eventually. 😉

Winter Window


Does anyone know if Annie’s Attic has converted to an online edition at all? I was not successful at finding it.

A Plain Old Baby Sling, Again!

baby sling

A Cut From a Bolt of Cloth

For a New Baby Sling

Baby slings were an incredible convenience for me. It didn’t take long after the birth of my first child to find that while feeding the baby, it seemed like I was watching the spider webs grow. Both my children and myself have loved the convenience of vacuuming and cleaning while they got a ride on my hip.  The one shown below was about the fourth one I’d made. We had originally been given a Nojo sling by my husband’s Mom. Each of them were made from a cotton solid and lasted through the toddler years for two children per sling, until they started to look tired. I’d also made some for friends, in case you are starting to do the math. Lol  I”d had a different pattern very similar to the Nojo baby sling, but when this new one came along, I knew it would be my next sling project.

Baby sling 2

 I love it because of all the hardware and the storage it lends itself to. It was great for keeping the goods I carried to a minimum for things like a walk to the park! The purchased sling rings are secure and the hardware on the end allows for a bit of storage. The ring is for keys, the hook for a baby rattle and the ties on the top, can be used to secure a nursing cover up. I’ve since seen a lot of other types of cloth carriers. I have never made the time to try them out. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This one was by far my favorite! What are your favorite slings, and why? I would love to know more, because… after all, I’m a seamtress. Maybe someday I will be a Grandma. 🙂

Beaded and Re-Styled Lampshade


A Re-Styled Lampshade


re-styled lampshade


Before I set out to make a re-styled lampshade , this looked quite different. It was a rose colored fabric adhered to a plastic lamp shade. The reason it needed re-styling is that the plastic was attached to the wires that held it in with paper. Yes, merely paper… and it didn’t last very long. When the paper started to rip, the lampshade started to sit crooked, and then just fell to the table that it sat on. I decided to find a way to restore it. I took everything off and was left with just the wire piece. I then used Tacky glue to adhere the jaquard fabric that it now wears in the photo. The process that followed was to bead the whole thing. I will admit that it is a bit frilly. I love the lace and pearls look that it now wears, however out of date it may be. It is very sturdy, also. Who knew I could do it better than the manufacturers? 🙂