Pillow Case Dress ReFashion

 Pillow Case Dress!

Pillow case dress


A pillow case being used as something other than it’s original purpose never occurred to me. Living in a world of boys, (no daughters) I was not familiar with the concept of using them for dresses, until my friend introduced me to it. I totally fell in love with the idea! I made a point of looking for cute pillow cases on my next thrift shop expedition.  I found two identical ones in a cute print, as shown in the photo. . When I returned home, I followed a tutorial online and I was so pleased with how simple they are and appreciated the outcome. I gifted one each, to two friends, who benefited from me having no girls to make fru fru goods for.  😉

Since that time, I have discovered that pillow cases make wonderful cross body bags, as well. The tutorials for this were available since before the recent wave of bags now known as “cross body”. They are wonderful for balancing the weight of the bags’ contents. Hmm… might have to try those in the future, too! 🙂

I am wondering if there are other uses for pillow cases that I am unaware of. Do you have favorite uses for them, no matter if you refashion them or not….?