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Upcycle, Refashion, ReStyle, whatever you call it, managing things responsibly by extending their life just makes sense. How fun to take an item that has lost it’s value for it’s original use, rescue it from an untimely death and remake it into something useful again! How awesome to take small bits that have no value as they are, and combine them with other small bits to make a new treasure! That is what Threadz Upcycle Shop is all about. Why? Because I  LOVE recycling. The kind of items you will find in the shop will vary greatly, depending on what is available for use. It can be as small as a business card holder or as big as a table cloth or a costume. Do you have an item you want to have restyled but are concerned you might have to get a second mortgage to do it? You won’t! Just ask for a free estimate. It can be very precious to take an article of clothing from a late loved one and have it remade to suit a new purpose. It’s a delightful way to honor and remember them.  If you are interested in help with a costume from upcycled items, Threadz upcycle shop can help!

The things for sale are grouped into two categories. Things made from new fabric scraps (or remnants) are in one area. These items are only made of new fabrics that were cast off from other projects. Things made from re-claimed fabrics that have been upcycled are in a second area. These items may also include bits of new fabrics or things to bring out the best in them. Find what you are looking for by the fabrics they are made from; New (scrap/remnant; fabric that is new but was destined for the trash) or re-claimed( finding a new life).