A Favorite Nightgown is a Woven Nightgown


A Woven Nightgown; Not Knit


woven nightgown

A woven nightgown was much preferred for a person experiencing menopause and hot flashes. Some people’s bodies just won’t adhere to the trends! A beloved family member needed a new nightgown, but the nightgowns the stores were offering were made of knit fabrics, to her disappointment. She felt that they made her too hot and were responsible for the heat that awakened her at night. Fixing her need of new nightwear seemed a simple matter. We went to the fabric store and she picked out this cheery purple seersucker. I already had a pattern (no longer available) that would work nicely for the task ahead. It was originally designed for nursing mama’s, but it was easy enough to change it to accommodate one who does not nurse. I also made it without any sleeves, for greater night time comfort. I cut out the meager number of pattern pieces needed to bring on cooler nights. Assembly was pretty quick for this project as the simpler version had been chosen. This was complete in no time and received with great joy and relief.