Recycled denim quilt

Recycled Denim Quilt

I had decided to make a recycled denim quilt. At some point, after finishing the only project that I have worked on during rides in the car for twenty years, I decided I wanted to undertake another one; sewing this time! That pretty much put it into the hand quilting category. But why not? I had made several machine quilts already. I mean, yeah, they were simple four inch blocks, arranged in a pattern that suited me.

coruroy quilt

The quilt above was for a loved one who is cold easily. I chose corduroy remnants and reclaimables for it that my mom had been saving for years. In fact, the rust colored fabric is from a project I made when I was first learning to sew from a pattern. The middle is cotton batting, and the back is hunter green flannel. It is decidedly warm! Notice the crocheted blanket at the end? That is my Mom’s lovely work. 🙂

Calico quilt

The above quilt was made with calico remnants from my leftovers boxes. The person receiving it gets hot too easily, so it was made to be a lighter weight. The middle layer is a lightweight recycled blanket. The back is a lightweight cotton. The squares in the middle are indeed lighter than the rest, it’s not your eyes. 🙂 Notice the crocheted blanket at the end? That is my Mom’s lovely work. 🙂

So yes,…it was about time for me to learn to do quilt blocks. My mom had given me a magazine quite a few years ago, that taught quilting one block at a time. I told her then that I felt like I had too much when my children were little, but that I would do it later…in time. I pulled that magazine out. My new quilt work would be made for someone who likes to sleep with weight over top, so I chose denim. I will be on the lookout for just the right blanket to recycle for the middle. TBA on the backing. Here is the first ones. recycled denim quiltThe bone colored fabric is actually a light weight pinwale corduroy. I have one more block done since that photo was taken. Six blocks to go. I am looking forward to giving it to its new owner. 🙂

Beaded and Re-Styled Lampshade


A Re-Styled Lampshade


re-styled lampshade


Before I set out to make a re-styled lampshade , this looked quite different. It was a rose colored fabric adhered to a plastic lamp shade. The reason it needed re-styling is that the plastic was attached to the wires that held it in with paper. Yes, merely paper… and it didn’t last very long. When the paper started to rip, the lampshade started to sit crooked, and then just fell to the table that it sat on. I decided to find a way to restore it. I took everything off and was left with just the wire piece. I then used Tacky glue to adhere the jaquard fabric that it now wears in the photo. The process that followed was to bead the whole thing. I will admit that it is a bit frilly. I love the lace and pearls look that it now wears, however out of date it may be. It is very sturdy, also. Who knew I could do it better than the manufacturers? 🙂