Beaded and Re-Styled Lampshade


A Re-Styled Lampshade


re-styled lampshade


Before I set out to make a re-styled lampshade , this looked quite different. It was a rose colored fabric adhered to a plastic lamp shade. The reason it needed re-styling is that the plastic was attached to the wires that held it in with paper. Yes, merely paper… and it didn’t last very long. When the paper started to rip, the lampshade started to sit crooked, and then just fell to the table that it sat on. I decided to find a way to restore it. I took everything off and was left with just the wire piece. I then used Tacky glue to adhere the jaquard fabric that it now wears in the photo. The process that followed was to bead the whole thing. I will admit that it is a bit frilly. I love the lace and pearls look that it now wears, however out of date it may be. It is very sturdy, also. Who knew I could do it better than the manufacturers? 🙂