Tutu and Headband Sets

tutu red

Anyone who loves fabrics would be able to identify with me. When I cut off a bit of fabric to shorten an item, if the fabric is cute it is SO hard to just throw it away! This is especially true when the fabric comes from formal wear. I did find a solution for this. I bought items so I could make the tutu/headband sets. This makes refashioning fabrics that were cut from ready-to-wear garments (that needed altering) so easy!

headband white red

The silky type flowers in varying colors are cut offs from some beautiful dresses that I worked on. The red and white set has a headband made from both ribbon and elastic.


The black and white plaid portion of the headband is made from the cut off section after shortening a really cute pair of capri’s.


The tutu’s are made from things that were bought specifically for the sets. I have more that need to be made. So many fabrics, so little time! 😉

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